Nuestros muertos (2018) Full Movie

Nuestros muertos
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Watch Nuestros muertos (2018) : Full Movie Online Elda Neyis Mosquera, aka Karina, was the only guerrilla woman to have led a Front. She was a romantic, idealistic and loving woman. But when she went to court, she was charged with atrocious crimes. However, things could have happened differently. She could have married and had children with Daniel, a fellow guerrilla. But Elda decided to follow the orders of his superiors and killed him because he was an infiltrator. Since then, she struggles to find forgiveness.

Title Nuestros muertos
Release Date Jan 02, 2018
Genres ,
Production Company Noodles Production
Production Countries Colombia, France
Casts Natalia Reyes, Maia Toulemonde, Nelson Camayo
Natalia Reyes
Maia Toulemonde
Nelson Camayo